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An Effective Digital Marketing Agency Near Cincinnati

When it comes to digital marketing services, you need a reliable digital marketing agency to provide you with effective services to get the results you need for your business. At Beardo Marketing, we offer digital advertising services conveniently located in the greater Cincinnati area near Florence, KY. However, we work with companies globally, giving you access to the services you need at the most affordable rates.

All the Marketing Services You Need

Our digital marketing agency close to Cincinnati and Florence, KY offers all the digital marketing services you need to effectively reach your target audience and give the best impression to keep them coming back. We build a customized marketing package for your business, which can include:

    • Digital advertising services
    • SEO services
    • Web designer services
    • Web development services
    • Social media management
    • Lead generation services
    • Reputation management

Our team works closely with you to determine which services will benefit your business, then helps you implement and monitor them to get the results you want.

We Aim to Impress

With our multiple-phase approach to digital marketing services, you can rest assured that you will get the help you need to expand your reach and grow your business. We understand that every company faces unique challenges and strive to understand your needs throughout the process. We’re standing by to answer your questions and help you build the most effective marketing plan within your budget.

Our Business Model

It's all about you, your business, & your success!

We believe that marketing and branding should be highly effective and affordable for your business, So our team strives to give you everything you need to be successful online affordably and in one place.

This is accomplish this through an eight page marketing plan that we spend 48 man hours creating for you for FREE!

Our strict online presence grading system accounts for all six parts of online advertising, branding, and presence. The grading report generated is then used  to create a proven marketing strategy thats guaranteed to bring your business success in the online marketplace.

You can now focus on what you do best...Working on your business; while we work tirelessly in your business to generate you a brand that WOW's people and an ROI that WOW's you!

Let us show you what a full service marketing agency is supposed to look like!

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Is Your Website ADA Compliant? If Not You Risk Being Sued!

While websites are not officially outlined as a part of the ADA guidelines, they are considered part of Title III: Public Accommodations. As more people start to rely on websites to gather information, make purchases, and engage with their favorite brands, inaccessible websites become an issue.

ADA guidelines and compliance is a very important topic for website owners. Just as any brick & mortar location must be accessible to all employees and customers, your website should also be accessible. The best way to ensure web accessibility is by following the latest WCAG 2.1 guidelines outlined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

There are so many frivolous lawsuits going around against business owners regarding ADA compliance issues on their website. If you don't know what i'm talking about then your site is not compliant. Don't risk it, It's easy and affordable to fix and could save you thousands in the future. Get your FREE marketing plan and my team will discuss how to get your website compliant quickly and affordably.

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Phase One

Our team of experts are the very best in the business when it comes to researching your business online. We literally leave no stoned unturned.

We will Look at your website, the keywords you're using & ranking for, we then evaluate your SEO, check Your current advertising strategy, scan your social media accounts, look at the reviews you have online & also see how many directories your published in.

Did I mention we do this for you for FREE?

Questions To Always Ask When Marketing


Phase Two

After researching for a full 24 hours out team will go straight to work discovering all the things you're doing right and all the things your business needs to improve on. Then we use our strict grading system for all 6 areas of your web presence. Advertising, Listings,Reputation,Social Media Presence, Website/SEO, & Loyalty


Phase Three

Now comes the fun part. We will put together an eight page report that shows you all the areas that your business needs to improve upon.

That report is then organized so everything is in order of importance so you will have a step by step map of what needs do be done next. This report will become your marketing plan when you're ready to launch.

And yes all of it is FREE of charge!

We Are A Full Service Marketing Agency


Phase Four

This is the beginning of positive change for your company!

We are going to hop on a live strategy call with you FREE of charge and help you formulate and execute a marketing plan of attack that not only gets you a great ROI but won't hurt your wallet.

In a one hour call you will have a customized marketing package just for you based on your report . This package will be your step by step one stop shop for all your marketing needs.


Google my business listings, Online directory listings, SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, You Tube ads, Web development, Automation systems for lead generation, & anything else your business needs to succeed.

From small marketing budgets to large budgets, we have got you covered!

Beardo Marketing


Phase Five

Proper data and KPI's are what makes or breaks a companies marketing. As a full service marketing agency we are a step ahead of everyone when it comes to our reporting and optimization.

Executive Reports

You get a quarterly executive report mailed to you and in your back end of our system showing your ROI.

Monitoring Software

Your backend account will show you live all the work and reporting being done. Google, Facebook, Listings etc you can judge your KPI's and easily adjust.

Monthly Optimization

Get a monthly optimization report and Live call to go over campaign status.

Meet  The Founder

Hello, My name is Jessie Neal & I'm a pretty simple guy really. Below is a few things about me personally.

Business Mission

I designed this agency with one purpose in mind, to offer a one stop shop & affordable marketing solution for businesses who are tired of being jerked around, over charged, & getting no ROI

Personal Mission

I love sponsoring kids and i love One By One Ministries. My goal is to consistently provide support for 100 kids over the next 5 years. I currently sponsor 4!

Family Life

I believe family first over business, If your family is out of sync so will your business. I'm a happily married man with an amazing wife and daughter. They are my fire to do everything.

Jessie Neal

Hobbies I Enjoy

I'm a huge tech nerd and I love learning new skills. my favorite toy is a form labs 3d printer. I also love roller coasters and out door activities Like hiking and camping. My favorite color is orange and I love graffiti.

Technical Skills

I can write code, design websites, build mobile apps, Im a genius with facebook ads and great at business marketing foundations and strategy.


I'm super excited about the fact were in the process of being featured in Forbes, USA Today, CBS, ABC, NBC, Entrepreneur, & INC. You can see those links in the footer below soon.

Business Info

Beardo Marketing is located in the greater Cincinnati area. Though we strive to service clients globally.

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